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Privacy Policy

Data protection declaration:
Update in compliance with GDPR Regulation 2016/679: 25/05/2018

This declaration on data protection offers you a vision of the processing of your data at Octopus Agency.

What do you know with this declaration on data processing:

– What we do with this data and what is needed.

– What data protection rights and what options are available?

– What technologies and data we use for customization and adaptation
of our services and contents.

– What technologies and data we use for advertising, including tracking technologies.

The data controller is Crossfingers srls Viale Monza 19 / A 20125 MILANO Piva 08629470967, if you have any questions about this declaration on data processing or in general on data processing you can write at any time to the following email address: info @ crossfingers .com;

What data are processed by Octopus Agency?

Communications and contents:

If you communicate with us, by post, through social media services, contact forms or other information regarding our services or other topics, we will take note of the content of your communications.

For communication with customers and users, Octopus Agency also uses social network offers such as Facebook and Instagram. We use these communication platforms to offer, in addition to our communication channels, further contact and information possibilities. Keep in mind, however, that we do not have the possibility to intervene on the conditions of use of social networks and the services they offer and that we have limited influence on their data processing. We therefore ask you to carefully check which personal data you transmit to us through social networks. We have no chance to influence the behavior of social network managers, other users or third parties who may collaborate with social network managers or who use their services.

Purpose of data processing:

Octopus Agency treats your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In this way, we are naturally adhering to the principles of the Data Protection Act for the processing of personal data. Therefore we will process your data only for the purposes described in this declaration on data processing and declared at the time of their detection. These are at the forefront of the buying process.

Advertising channels

The advertising formats used include advertising in social networks (eg, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube video ads) and advertising surfaces managed by Google.

If we include advertising via social media advertising formats (eg YouTube, Facebook, Instagram),

The social network will provide – or on our behalf as executor of a contract or with the consent of the respective user – to decrypt the data transmitted by us and will present to the user (if this is a member of the social network), in the context of his fruition relationship with the respective social network, advertising commissioned by us.

If you have consented to sending your data to social networks, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

It is also possible to disable the use of personal advertising data in social networks that are used directly by the respective operator. For more information, please contact the managers:

Facebook (Facebook, Instagram):

Information on Facebook ads
Advertising settings for Facebook

Google (Google-Werbenetzwerk, YouTube, Google Search):

Information about Google advertisements
Ads settings for Google

Data forwarding

When you send a request for information using all the contact types mentioned above, we request:

– your name;

– your surname;

– possibly your phone number;

– your email;

Protection rights:

The following legal data protection rights apply to the respective legal requirements: right of information (Article 15 DSGVO), right of cancellation (Article 17 DSGVO), right of rectification (Article 16 DSGVO), right of limitation of dissemination (Article 18 DSGVO), the right to the transferability of data (Article 20 DSGVO), the right of appeal to a public data protection agency (Article 77 DSGVO), the right of withdrawal of consent (Article 7 paragraph 3 DSGVO) as well as the right to oppose certain data dissemination measures (Article 21 of the DSGVO); as regards the data protection of the place of residence, it is possible to contact the responsible public body.

Data cancellation:

We keep your personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of this declaration on data processing.

Data protection:

With us, your personal data is transmitted securely via encryption. This also applies to your order and customer login. For this purpose we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system. We also protect our Web pages and other systems through technical measures against loss, destruction, access, tampering or disclosure of data by unauthorized persons.

Changes to this statement on data processing and interlocutors:
If you have any questions, you can contact our data protection officers at any time. The easiest way to get in touch with these is by writing to info@crossfingers.it;

Cookies warnings

Here you can find out which cookies we use:

Facebook atdmt.com AA003 Targeting / advertising cookies used by the affiliate company Atlas Solutions of Facebook.

Facebook facebook.com fr Facebook tracking cookies used to record a series of advertising products, such as real-time offers for third-party advertisers.

Google google.com 1P_JAR Google advertising cookies are used to track users and for targeted advertising.

Google google.com AID These cookies associate your activity with the devices used to access your Google account. This is done to coordinate the ads that are shown on different devices and to measure conversion events.

Google APISID Google uses these cookies to personalize advertising on the Google website, based on recent research and interactions.

Google doubleclick.net DSID This advertising cookie is used by Google Doubleclick to associate user activities to different devices.

Google HSID This is a security cookie used by Google to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data from unauthorized parties.

Google Doubleclick.net IDE This cookie is used by Google Doubleclick for the re-targeting, optimization, reporting and attribution of online advertising.

Google NID Google uses these cookies to record customer preferences and personalize advertising on the Google website, based on recent research and interactions.

Google SAPISID Google uses these cookies to ensure that Google can collect user information for videos hosted by YouTube.

Google google.com SID This is a security cookie used by Google to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data from unauthorized parties.

Google SID This is a security cookie used by Google to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data from unauthorized parties.

Google google.com SSID Google uses these cookies to ensure that Google can collect information from videos hosted by YouTube or maps integrated via Google Maps.

Google .doubleclick.net test_cookie This cookie is used by Google Doubleclick to check if users’ browsers support cookies.

The present regulation has legal value as specific company policy agreements, by signing the contract with Octopus Agency Brand of Crossfingers srls tacitly accept the aforementioned rules.
Photographic Content, Video & Social and Web Graphics.
All photographic, video and graphic materials produced by Octopus Agency are to all effects owned by the agency and covered by copyright (law 633 of 22 April 1941, then amended by Presidential Decree 19/79 and, more recently , from the Dlgs 154/97 and then from the law 248/2000).
The contents of Artistic, Creative and Interpretative Nature are produced at the discretion of the agency, according to the best communication plan decided for each client, with web use and Social channels on both sides.
In the case of a written report from the customer on any change of style, graphics or images (which respect what is written on the contract about: number of posts, content produced, in line with the budget set) the agency commits itself within 5 days from receipt of the same to make the required changes.
Exhibition Showroom and Press Office.
All materials in view and display at the headquarters of Octopus Agency, where not specified, can be honored in exchange for merchandise / visibility ‘to Characters, Models, Journalists for visibility’ or creation of Social content.
The material on display of the client’s property will be returned upon expiry of the contract upon receipt of the total balance of what is due to Octopus Agency for the work carried out as agreed.
Shipments and collection of materials are the responsibility of the customers.
In case of non-collection or delay in the balance, the material will be kept in our warehouses, charging the company with a monthly cost based on its size (from € 250 to € 500 per month depending on the volume) for a maximum of 6 months, after which, he will lose any right of possession for alleged abandonment.
Withdrawal and renewal of the contract.
Within 30 days from the date of expiry of the contract the agency will produce a new quotation for the services and work on the new communication plan.
Octopus Agency can cancel the contract at any time for a justified cause and for failure or delay even of a single monthly payment.