Octopus Agency | Company Policy
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Company Policy

The present regulation has legal value as specific company policy agreements, by signing the contract with Octopus Agency Brand of Crossfingers srls tacitly accept the aforementioned rules.
Photographic Content, Video & Social and Web Graphics.
All photographic, video and graphic materials produced by Octopus Agency are to all effects owned by the agency and covered by copyright (law 633 of 22 April 1941, then amended by Presidential Decree 19/79 and, more recently , from the Dlgs 154/97 and then from the law 248/2000).
The contents of Artistic, Creative and Interpretative Nature are produced at the discretion of the agency, according to the best communication plan decided for each client, with web use and Social channels on both sides.
In the case of a written report from the customer on any change of style, graphics or images (which respect what is written on the contract about: number of posts, content produced, in line with the budget set) the agency commits itself within 5 days from receipt of the same to make the required changes.
Exhibition Showroom and Press Office.
All materials in view and display at the headquarters of Octopus Agency, where not specified, can be honored in exchange for merchandise / visibility ‘to Characters, Models, Journalists for visibility’ or creation of Social content.
The material on display of the client’s property will be returned upon expiry of the contract upon receipt of the total balance of what is due to Octopus Agency for the work carried out as agreed.
Shipments and collection of materials are the responsibility of the customers.
In case of non-collection or delay in the balance, the material will be kept in our warehouses, charging the company with a monthly cost based on its size (from € 250 to € 500 per month depending on the volume) for a maximum of 6 months, after which, he will lose any right of possession for alleged abandonment.
Withdrawal and renewal of the contract.
Within 30 days from the date of expiry of the contract the agency will produce a new quotation for the services and work on the new communication plan.
Octopus Agency can cancel the contract at any time for a justified cause and for failure or delay even of a single monthly payment.